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DVMInsight Platform

A complete veterinary image storage solution.

ImageBank is a DICOM based, image archive and remote image access solution designed to provide veterinarians with a cost effective way to outsource their digital imaging storage needs. By creating an off site DICOM image archive, ImageBank eliminates the need for large on-site PACS storage, archiving, and ongoing IT support. Features include:

  1. OFFSITE IMAGE BACKUP: Veterinarians must understand that all computers will eventually fail and take measures to backup their data to comply with state retention requirements for medical images.

  2. ONLINE ACCESS TO YOUR IMAGES: After images are sent to DVMinsight ImageBank they are immediately available online on any computer with internet access. Many hospitals use this functionality to refer cases to a local referral hospital, share cases with other veterinarians, allow pet owners to see their images, or to distribute images around their hospital.

  3. UNIQUE IMAGE SHARING CAPABILITY: Once your images are stored in DVMinsight ImageBank, you can "share" your cases with other veterinarians, specialists, or pet owners. With ImageBank you will no longer need to burn CD’s or worry if your RDVM or specialty hospital received your images. They will become part of your online community and only have access to the cases you share with them.

  4. TELERADIOLOGY CONSULTATIONS: With ImageBank, you also have access to expert teleradiology consultations from a team of experienced board certified ACVR diplomate. There are no long term contracts or commitments. Additionally, storage and online access is free for cases that are referred to the DVMinsight teleradiology service for review.

  5. VENDOR INDEPENDENT DICOM STORAGE SOLUTION: Many veterinarians are confused about the importance of how a vendor stores images in a PACS. Ideally, veterinarians should avoid digital vendors who store studies in a proprietary manner. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world and many digital vendors do store images in a proprietary manner. Failure to duplicate your data in a vendor independent format means that you will "marry" the vendor for the life of your practice. ImageBank stores images in a vendor independent DICOM format that frees you from any worry about proprietary vendor storage methods. Ultimately, this may decrease the cost of integration with other information systems, and provides more options for disaster recovery and business continuance. Image backup is one area that you should definitely choose a "3rd" party solution.

  6. SUPERIOR COST SAVINGS: Backing up your data can be expensive. Some vendors sell RAID servers that can cost as much as $30,000. Other online storage options can cost up to $6,000 per year regardless of how much storage you actually use. With DVMinsight ImageBank you pay a one time fee per study with no additional maintenance expenses... ever.

  7. VETERINARY EXPERIENCE: At DVMinsight we are veterinarians and only work with veterinarians. We have experience with nearly all of the veterinary digital radiography vendors. This experience provides us with a firm understanding of the veterinary landscape and how each vendor’s digital radiography system and PACS function. Our experience will save you time, money, and hassles because we know what problems you may face... even before they happen. We have also developed a host of software programs that will add functionality to your PACS and facilitate off site image backup and teleradiology.

  8. YOUR IMAGES ARE SAFE EVEN IF YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE: With DVMinsight your images are stored with us even if you decide to cancel our service. Termination headaches are another way that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors as many of our competitors will delete your images if you decide to stop using their service!

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