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DVMInsight Platform

Run your own branded teleradiology service.

DVMinsight platform is a unique system that radiologists, referral hospitals, and other specialists can use to run their own branded teleradiology service. With DVMinsight Platform, we handle the teleradiology IT and software support and provide you with a fully customized and branded system that allows you to build your teleradiology brand and build your business. With DVMinsight Platform you will be able to provide your clients with a teleradiology service that can handle images from any modality from any vendor and allow you to efficiently maintain your teleradiology service. Features include:

  1. The DVMinsight Platform is FULLY CUSTOMIZED with your logo so you can build your teleradiology brand. Our web site will be "skinned" with your banner and your reports will have your logo prominently displayed. Our goal is to support you and build YOUR brand.

  2. Your clients will come to YOUR web site to view old reports, online images and reports; or share cases with specialists, pet owners, or other veterinarians. This is one more way that we help you build YOUR teleradiology brand.

  3. Hire as many radiologists or other specialists needed to build depth and support in your teleradiology service. You negotiate your reimbursement rates with specialists directly. There are dozens of specialists in the DVMinsight network and we can help you identify radiologists or specialists that would be a good fit for your company.
  4. Your specialists can use ANY DICOM viewer to interpret their cases

  5. No need to buy expensive servers or software to get started. You don’t even need any experience working with medical images to begin using DVMinsight Platform. All you need is a computer.

Nothing could be easier than starting a teleradiology service using DVMinsight Platform

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